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Five O Watches creates truly one-of-a-kind timepieces that pay homage to our dedicated police officers and law enforcement on both the state and federal level. Each watch is custom curated with a professionally engraved image of YOUR actual badge, making it a unique masterpiece. Whether you are an officer who wants to carry your badge with you as a symbol to your dedicated service, or simply someone who wants to show support for our heroes in blue, Five O Watches offers quality and craftsmanship that ensures your timepiece is not only stunning, but also well built.

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The Team Behind Five O Watches

Mike Warren (Owner)

With over 13 years of dedicated service as a police officer in Prince George’s County, I’ve always been driven by duty and passion for my community. As my journey into horology began, I was inspired to create timepieces honoring law enforcement’s commitment.

Starting with designing police watches for loved ones and colleagues, my vision expanded to include fire, EMS, and the broader law enforcement community. I am eager to share my horological passion and talent by creating timepieces that symbolize excellence and reflect our cherished values.

Adam King (Creative Asset Director)

Adam is the owner of Jadeion Watch Co, and CEO of Horology Hub, an agency that offers certification, and brand and marketing support for watch builders, watch makers and microbrands.  He has an unparalleled eye for design as well as over 30 years of graphical design experience to bring those designs to life.

He is also the Creative Asset Director for Preparedness Without Paranoia (PWPORG.ORG), which is a project founded by Dr. Kathleen Kiernan, and is an educational resource that supports preparedness and resiliency at both family and community levels.

He currently works with Mike to help design, facilitate, and fulfill the creation of unique timepieces for law enforcement.

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